Russian Situation Maps
Many of the Russian Situation Maps are too large to fully display on the web site. I have taken 'screen shots' of a portion of the map and displayed that. If you want fully detailed maps please visit my FTP site at jccalvin.ddns.net. For login info email me at jcarlcalvin@gmail.com.
Southwestern Front
Rostov Offensive - 1941-1942
Crimea - 1941-1942
Defense of Moscow 1941-1942
First Ukranian Front Berlin-Breslau-Prague
Second Belorussian Front 1945
Bryansk Front October 1941
Western Front - Barbarossa and Typhoon
Central Front
Leningrad-Murmansk 1941
Battle of Berlin - First Belorussian Front
Transcaucasus Front
Battle of Kharkov
Caucasus 1941
Kalinin Front
Leningrad Front 1941
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